BallHers Academy is an all girls basketball academy which eventuated out of passion, a passion that a couple of Dad's have for their daughters.

We are firm believers based on the development of our own children that no amount of wins can compensate for failure in a childs skillset, overtime this will eventually lead to HER early exit from the sport.

We help BallHers (girls) develop a solid foundation in their footwork through a proven process of repitition. Repitition the mother of all learning, while exact in its approach is often monotonous and mundane in its delivery. This is where BallHers is UNCOMMON!

BallHers strive to build an environment conducive to basketball skill development in the most efficient way possible through a process of encouragement enjoyment and sisterhood. We are a platform for empowerment, leadership, motivation and developing HER Story.


Our girls games speak for themselves.  Our girls have worked in the driveway, the kitchen, the garage, wherever there is a spare spot to be better!  Their development is a combination of their hardwork and our mentorship.  We have coached U8 - U14 players for the last 5 years with a keen eye for development.  We are continually seeking out the latest in basketball training techniques.

U12 3 x 3 tournament 2019