When you partner with Reppin’ You we will work with your club to build a catalogue of items that will be added to your very own dedicated online store.

Click here to see partnered club stores.

At your online store your customers will be able to purchase any of the apparel items that have been agreed upon*. All items will be available at any time for purchase as long as our suppliers have the apparel items in stock.

Each item is made to order and takes approximately 7 - 10 business days to complete. Once completed they will be delivered to your point of contact for distribution. We want to help YOU build YOUR brand and your personal distribution of items will help you maintain a greater connection between you and your members.

There is an option on the site for customers to have the items shipped if this is more convenient which will be at an additional cost to the customer.

Each item purchased will have a financial kickback associated with it (see the following table for a breakdown).  Every month we will provide you with a summary of sales along with a payment in the form of a financial kickback direct to YOU!

*When partnering for the first time a $150 admin (store setup, design work etc) fee will be applied to your store. There are no upfront costs.  This will be paid from the kick back system. Once $150 in kickbacks have been collected all future kickbacks will be forwarded to the club.

*Any new pieces of apparel that require design features may incur additional setup fees pending the nature of the design.  This will be paid via the kickback system with no upfront costs.  The value of the design work will be discussed pending requirements, if necessary.

Please note the terms may be subject to change based upon supplier costs or other unforeseen circumstances.