FundHERmentals Class - Term 2

  • $225.00

This class is for girls who are just getting started in the sport of basketball.  There will be a heavy emphasis on FUN and teaching the fundamental footwork and mechanics necessary for their continued development on the court.

Based on our experience, there are a couple of fundamentals that will aid in their continued success.  Developing a solid handle of the ball has in large part been a dominating factor for this.

Ratio 1:8-10 (+ additional help of our older ballhers)

This class is suited for:

  • BalllHers aged between 5 - 10 years old.
  • Brand new to basketball.

Classes: 10 (This class runs for 10 weeks: Tue April 23rd - Tue June 25th)

Note: These classes are usually $25 per session (a discount of 10% is applied by purchasing this package)